Does College Begin in Kindergarten?

Its not news hot of the press, not one terribly relevant to the tiny island I live in, nor something that created waves nay even ripples around the world. Yet it this piece of news that I would like to re-kindle my blogging habit and jumpstart my new site dedicated to early childhood issues with.

The story is about a mother of a four year old who sues the pre-school for allegedly letting her child play with two year olds and teaching her about shapes and colors instead of preparing her for a placement into an elite elementary school which would then set her on a road to an Ivy League Education.

I can only imagine any early childhood educator laughing out a loud unapologetic guffaw. This is because we know:

1. College does not begin at Kindergarten: Kindergarten begins in Kindergarten – yes Sir Ken Robinson?

[Yet to figure out how to embed a video in a blog]

2. It is the job of every educator to do the best for the child and with the child for the here and now, promising what comes next will only lead to pushing down of curriculum and losing focus on the whole child.

3. In this day and age of looming uncertainties ahead, no pre-school should make promises especially such distant ones like a guaranteed Ivy League Education.

Parents too should know that there can be no such gurantee but a host of factors can affect the childs chances. I am not even going to begin a discussion on why Ivy League is not the only option for becoming productive, secure, contributive or creative individuals.

However there is a group of people I expected/still do expect a reaction from; the administrators at the Ivy League colleges. Tell us that no research indicates high chances for individuals from a certain Kindergarten. Tell us that a diveristy of backgrounds, strengths and talents is what you are looking for in your students. Tell us what your own research says about the effects of standardized tests on the very young. Make a stand and if you don’t you perhaps should not be such sought after insituitions after all.


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