Children and Aloha land

I have traveled all the way out from Singapore to Hawaii to atend the World Forum in Early Childhood Education. This is a dream I had been nurturing for the past four years – to get involved in a deeper and meaningful level in advocating for children, and this I believe is the right forum for that. Well I am here early, have not yet made contact with the outside world – been taking walks and sitting in my room and thinking about my presentation. This hermit like existence suits me for now but tomorrow I will explore Hawaii some, and the day after, the activities will kick start for some of us. The forum itself is from 3rd May to 6th May.

Having come here without a camera – to relieve me from the bother of taking care of one more possession, I may not be able to post any interesting pictures, but I certainly will try to write about my experince every single day. Aloha and cheers till the next one.


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4 responses to “Children and Aloha land

  • Nancy Martin

    I believe in that too. We seem to be on a similar road, just different paths. I’m anxious to hear about the conference.

    • myglassroom

      Hi Nancy, finally got back home and am feeling somewhat rested, I’ll now started posting a day by day account of the Forum, so just be patient a teeny weeny while longer 🙂

  • remadevi

    Great! Wonderful! I am so happy for you that you are ‘seeing’ your goals unfold. I also had the passion for early childhood education, however, I am losing it …. after leaving the education field for 6 years!

  • myglassroom

    Rema, the average age of participants at the Forum was around your age – so hey passion need never die. You should’ve come like I asked you to, and I bet you’d have got right into the thick of it….anyway more information coming up.

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